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The CalWIN application was developed as a client-based, on-line, real-time update, automated eligibility determination, benefit calculation, and management system. The fully integrated design of CalWIN provides users an automated tool to ensure that all the Counties will consistently and accurately provide clients with benefits in a timely manner. CalWIN will also provide the Counties’ CalWIN managers with a tool to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce payment errors, and reduce the overall cost of program administration. CalWIN has automated interfaces with State and County systems.


The objectives of CalWIN are to:

  • Collaboratively maintain an automated tool that assists counties in providing clients with improved customer service and case management functions.
  • Provide a mechanism for Counties to help their clients achieve greater self-sufficiency and transition from welfare to work.
  • Provide a proven, reliable infrastructure solution that will be the cornerstone for the future.
  • Maintain a fully functional, business needs driven automated system.
  • Maintain a system with a high degree of flexibility providing responsiveness to change and adaptability to County operational requirements and direct access to County systems/applications.
  • Facilitate cost effective operations and maintenance.
  • Facilitate ease of learning and use. Simplify the interaction between the system user and the computer.
  • Provide strong management tools. The system will provide information rapidly which will enhance program operation and management. Easy retrieval and access to information and an ability to display information in useful forms for management and planning purposes in a cost effective manner is very important to the Directors’ Conference.
  • Streamline office automation by applying technology to simplify office operations. It will relieve workers of redundant and tedious case work and allow staff to redirect activities to new services in support of clients.
  • Improve client service and maintenance. The system supports the worker’s efforts to focus upon client needs and the menu of services available to assist clients. Increased availability of information, improved noticing, speedy accommodation to change and consistent application of policy and regulations within the new system will aid in achieving this goal.
  • Reduce reliance on paper. The system strives to minimize paper “hand-offs” between the users, and between the users and workers in other agencies. The goal is to reduce the need to develop, maintain, store and retrieve voluminous case folders.
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